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 Russnews info- Finance & Investment Nothing seems affordable these days as prices of commodities surge everyday. Post economic recession of 2008, housing market started surging up and even getting a new car will take an arm and leg for many people. Yet, buying a new car is one leg of a task completed as you will need a decent insurance policy covering your new car.

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Prices of auto insurance policies are constantly increasing and it doesn’t appear to be calming down any time soon. Fortunately, you can get your car covered very cheap online by getting some basic things under control. It can almost be said that the internet is the best thing ever happened to humans with lots of advantages and relief gotten from it. One can easily get across the universe in minutes and just as well get direct car insurance coverage. 

Constantly surfing online for insurance quotes is your first step at controlling the increasing price of car insurance. With access to the internet, it takes just about 10 minutes to get direct quote and even compare policies from auto insurers like Go Auto Insurance and several others. Getting direct rates are cheaper as this type of policies prevent the extra expenses usually incurred through the use of middleman such as an insurance agent or broker. Many of the reputed auto insurers have only direct insurance structure; no regular offices or sales agents/brokers. With this medium, costs are reduced and the effect of is the insure gets cheaper rates. Good to go insurance is another insurer with online based pricing. With more than 20 years of selling affordable car insurance, this vibrant company has the best online quotes that can only be matched by few competitors. 

For a very cheap quote, go online now and you will get immediate price discounts and save more than you expect. Factors Affecting Car insurance Pricing The major factors that determine car insurance pricing among other factors are: 1. The Type of Car you drive Whether you are about to buy a new car or used one, you shouldn’t consider your color choice or engine performance alone. It is very important you consider the expected insurance rate at which your choice of car is covered. Reason is, getting a car without any knowledge of its average rate of insurance could later land you an insurance bill beyond your monthly financial budget. Generally, latest cars are usually more expensive and the more expensive a car is, the more it cost to insure it. And this is reasonably so because, a claim on such car means the insurer giving a replacement of same with same high cost which will definitely be much more expensive than used car. 

This in certain cases can cost more than 90% price differences. For instance, a 1998 second-hand Ford Escort priced $1,200 will get covered at a much lesser price compared to a $75,000 newly acquired Jaguar due to the huge difference in cost of replacement. If you want need a cheap insurance quote and want to pay low monthly bills, then it is advisable you buy a 4 cylinder used car. However, if you are comfortable to get a new car and afford its insurance cover fee, then you can get 10% savings or more on your insurance quote by increasing your deductible. 2. Your Age Group For many that fall within the youthful age group, you get to pay more for your car insurance coverage than what the senior citizen pays however discriminating it may sound. 

Especially those in the age bracket of 16-25 years old. No matter how careful and experienced you are at driving, you can’t possibly avoid it. And it is a fact that majority of today’s youth drivers, even the young adults don’t obey driving rules as they can either be engaging on social media or even texting while driving. Accidents caused by careless and reckless driving are on constantly increasing and so also are insurance prices. 

However, if you look around well enough, you stand the chance of getting low insurance cover if you are above 25 years with clean driving record. Taking a class in defensive driving can also get you up to 5% discount with majority of the car insurance companies. 3. Your Driving Record Status While it is impossible to control your age, you surely have control on how you drive. The cost of getting your car covered can to a great level be influenced by your driving record. Drivers with clean driving record tend to get huge discounts on their auto coverage from insurers; a good reason to be a careful responsible driver. You end up getting double benefits from this; cheaper insurance rate and low risk of accidents. 


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Get your driving record cleared of any outstanding tickets to be eligible for discounted auto insurance coverage. As you have now know ways to get cheap affordable insurance quote online, get online now and visit good to go insurance site to get a free quote check or you can as well get it done on the phone. Choose the correct auto insurance term and in few minutes, you get to save as much as possible. And you get it all done online.

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